Dining & Cocktail Experience

on Athens Riviera Catamaran

Athens Riviera Yachting hosts a superb dining experience on board.

The Grecian summer experience is a unique opportunity to create precious memories and live unforgettable moments. Bringing together traditional elements from the Greek cultural background and DNA with alluring features, Athens Riviera Yachting is hosting unique dining experiences on board.

Located on Astir Beach Bay Vouliagmeni and with a view of the illuminated Athens Riviera & Four Season Resort, our top priority is to provide you with a chameleon environment. Whether you visit us with your significant other, your friends, or your family, yachting with us is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the big moments as well as the little things.

Always respectful of the health protocols concerning COVID-19, your safety and comfort are our top priority. That is why until further notice we accept groups of 4 and our yachts’ maximum capacity is at 10 people, from 21:00 to 00:00.

By embarking on a luscious journey this summer with Athens Riviera Yachting you will get the chance to enjoy dishes from the heart of the Mediterranean and not only. You can customize your menu, according to your preferences, from original Greek food to fine delicacies from around the world. You name it and our chefs will awaken your taste buds all the while broadening your gustatory horizons with divine meals.

Now, let us paint the ultimate fine dining picture. To set the mood, the dreamy night-out starts with a welcome drink of your choice. Moving on to the starters and a variety of amuse bouche that compliment the magical ambiance, we set the base for the gastronomical wonder that is the main course.  Premium raw materials processed by our experienced chefs, turn into dishes that bear both the love that a Greek mother would put into the food and the fine details that a top chef would add. The most memorable moments of a journey are the beginning and the ending, thus the last course of the meal, the dessert, is always the piece de resistance.

Cocktail Experience on Board

For those who do not wish to dine alongside us, we offer the option of the Cocktail Experience on Board. If it is not about fine dining, Athens Riviera Yachting is also about fine lounging and relaxing while enjoying drinks and cocktails with your loved ones. Always using excellent and high-quality liquors, our bartenders can prepare a variety of drinks, from the old-time classics to experimenting and giving birth to fresh original ideas. 

Book your dining or cocktail experience onboard and get ready to embark upon a gastronomical and relaxing journey.


Dining & Cocktail Experiences

Dining Experience Athens Riviera

Dining Experience

  • Private Dining Experience on a cataraman
  • Soft Drinks, Water, Wine & Beer
  • Full Board Dining custom on your reservation 
  • Lounge Area for relax under the Athenian Stars
  • Taxes included
  • Minimum reservation 4 persons
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Cocktail Experience

  • 12 different options for cocktails
  • Cheese & Cold meat cuts plate 
  • Soft Drinks, Water, Wine & Beer
  • Taxes included
  • Minimum 4 person
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